Silver Apples


Before there was Kraftwerk, before there was Devo, There Was Silver Apples.

Silver Apples was years ahead of their time, debuting with their mutant electronic sound incredibly in 1967.

The band consisted of two guys from New York with basically one guy on drums, and the other on a homemade oscilliscope type device where sounds were made by turning the dials.

After a second album in 1969, the band disbanded after being sued right out of its pants by Pan-Am Airlines, who didn’t appreciate one of its plane crashes pictured on the back album cover.

Here in it’s entirity (on video) is the first album by Siver Apples. This ground-breaking album from 1968 is simply called Silver Apples.

Track listing

“Oscillations” 2:48
“Seagreen Serenades” 2:55
“Lovefingers” 4:11
“Program” 4:07
“Velvet Cave” 3:30
“Whirly-Bird” 2:41
“Dust”) 3:40
“Dancing Gods”5:57
“Misty Mountain” 3:26